Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas Present DIY

Ruby's quick & easy
DIY Christmas present guide.... 
A Scrabble Brooch.
Here I'm going to show you how to make a little Christmas for
someone {or a treat for yourself}. It's very very very easy
to do and needs no skills except threading a needle.

You will need- some strong glue, some ribbon of your choice, a safety pin,
a needle and thread and an old Scrabble piece

Step One- Squeeze some of your strong glue into
the middle of your scrabble piece.

Step Two- Tie your piece of ribbon into a bow then stick it on your
scrabble piece, hold them together for a little while until you feel they
are firmly stuck together. You might want to then leave this for an hour or
so just to make sure that the glue has properly dried, but this isn't essential.

Step Three- Next you thread your needle. Use a thicker thread
{eg embroidery thread} to make it more secure. Do a single stitch in
the centre of the bow, then place the safety pin where you want it to
be fastened on your badge. Put your needle through the pin and tie a
knot so it stays in place. Then you loop the thread through a few times
as if sewing on a button. Finish off the stitch and make sure the pin
is held securely in place and won't fall off.

Now you are finished! You can decorate it more if you want, you could sew on sequins, add glitter glue etc. I hope my instructions were easy enough to understand! Please leave any comments you have.

love ruby xox

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