Friday, 19 November 2010

Rainy days...

For the past week it has just been rain, rain, rain. Sometimes the rain is super fun but at other times the rain just seems grey and I feel a little bored stuck inside. When I'm in a warm house or in a cosy tent, watching or listening to the raindrops on the windows, or having a cosy evening in scrapbooking or watching a movie I really love the rain. All the recent raininess inspired me to do this blog post. Here's to the rain! ©

A few pretty things with a rain weather use or theme. Enjoy! From left to right-umbrella, purse, scarf, necklace, rubber stamps, flask, parasol umbrella, umbrella, brooch, coat, charm bracelet, wellies.

A film for a rainy day/evening snuggled in
a blanket and one of my favourite films too!

©A little craft project-

You will need a jar {a jam jar would be perfect,
I used a jar from a jar of vintage-style sweeties!},
tissue paper of any colour you would like,
a thick black pen, ribbon, glue & pennies.

This little project is super easy, it doesn't take very long at all! First you clean out the jar and take the label off the jar {if there is a label on your jar}.Next you write your phrase on a sheet of coloured tissue paper, I chose to write 'save your pennies for a rainy day as this suited the weather at the time and it's a cute phrase too! You can add little doodles, sequins or little decorative things like that to make it pretty, it's up to you what you do. Then you cut out your phrase, but make sure it fits on your jar! Then you glue it on, another idea would be to tape it on with the pretty patterned sticky tape you can get in crafty shops. When you have done that, all that's left to do is to tie a ribbon around the top of the jar for added cuteness. Don't forget to put all your spare pennies that you find in your jar! If you want your penny jar to look super smart you can clean your pennies before putting them in, learn how to do this here. xox

hope you enjoyed my rainy day post!
love ruby xox

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