Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Scotland Holiday

In the half term hols my family and our close family friends went on a lovely holiday to Scotland. The weather was quite chilly {but it gave me a chance to wear my cute & cosy teddy hat} and the drive up to the cottage we were staying in took several hours {beautiful scenery though}. There was no computer and the telly didn't work so I had plenty of free time for arty & crafty projects and scrapbooking while all the other children played on their beloved Nintendo DS' {I don't have one so I got left out of the many many many mario races}. Here are a few pics of our holiday. Pics of the scrapbooking coming soon.

 there were llamas in a field by
the cottage we were staying in (?) they
were so friendly and loved dusty!

there was a super fun rope swing down the little
woodland lane {you can see sonnny, the little
 boy on the swing, having the time of his life and
 dusty looking like she really wants a go!}

the pretty little town of plockton.

 me and my friend harriet having a great
time running about by a pretty waterfall.

me by the waterfall {wearing a very unattractive orange puffa coat}

Dusty looking very cute snuggled up in a blanket fast asleep
after a very long and tiring walk up a mountain.

Hope everyone's having a nice week

love ruby xox

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